RVSM Manual Preparation

The FAA implemented RVSM regulations in January 2005 to double the number of available flight levels between FL290 and FL410. RVSM approval is optional. No special FAA approval is needed to fly above or below RVSM airspace. Practically speaking, lack of RVSM approval means less desirable routings from ATC and costly additional fuel burn. Wilding Air can create your RVSM manual.

Wilding Air can prepare a custom RVSM manuals for you within two to three business days after receiving a complete application form and supporting documentation if/as required. We then express ship the manual directly to you. As the operator of the aircraft you are required to read, understand, sign and submit the manual to the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) nearest to where the aircraft will actually be based. Wilding Air will continue to work with you throughout the process for no additional charge and complete any documentation changes if required by your FSDO. If outside the United States, then your manuals must be submitted to the appropriate FAA International Field Office (IFO).

As of August 19, 2016, RVSM authorization was revised for all Operators.  The FAA removed a lot of the Maintenance Program requirements and have published Advisory Circular 91-85A to reflect these changes… Contact us to obtain your RVSM LOA / Operation Specifications with these new changes.


Domestic RVSM Manual Preparation Service $795.00

This includes the contiguous 48 States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America

Complete International SAO & Domestic RVSM Manual Preparation Service $1295.00

This includes worldwide coverage with complete NAT-HLA (MNPS), WATRs, RNP-10, RNP-5, RNP-4, RNP-1, B-RNAV & P-RNAV

Multiple aircraft fleet operation discounts are available!

RVSM Payment

RVSM Application Form

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RVSM Implementation

RVSM Implementation